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Gaffney Family Cattle
4888 County Road HH
Barneveld, WI 53507

Our Story

2011 Heading to the Fair

Early Beginnings Of Gaffney Family Cattle

Gaffney Family Cattle was founded in 1976 as the result of Jerry and Nancy moving to Wisconsin from the Adams Brothers & Company Hereford Ranch in Kilgore, NE. In this move they brought with them 40 Horned Hereford cows and their three children Sara, Scott and Erin. The farm was set up for dairy cattle and a variety of small livestock.

The farm has been since been changed to meet the needs of a growing 180 cow beef herd. In the '80s Jerry and Scott also started a small herd of commercial cows as a way to diversify the operation. The commercial cow herd met the growing needs for recipient cows as more embryo transfer was used. As we make strides to salvage the genetic pool prior to AM, NH, and CA, our recips are now registered Angus with a full set of outstanding EPDs.

In the Black

Angus began to roam the hills of the southwest Wisconsin farm in 1995. That year ALC Extra Special 504E was purchased as a herd sire. 504E was a descendant of the great Primrose Lady family. He was a cornerstone of the cow herd and the foundation of Gaffney Angus Farm. Pedigree, performance and structure are always emphasized in breeding decisions.

Management and Technology

We strive to take advantage of the latest genetics and technologies to develop our herd. AIMS software through the American Angus Association is used in order to identify value of the individual in a contemporary group. All yearling Angus heifers and bulls are ultrasound scanned for actual carcass merit that allows us to get compared nationally on our progress. We are using AGI genetic testing as a way to first hand see how an individual's DNA stacks up to the results on the scale. The DNA results have been encouraging and back up production EPDs and continue to add value to our program.

Cow Families

We have reaped the rewards and challenges of the beef industry the last 5 years. The credit of our success goes to our cow families. Our cow family is the foundation of our exceptional performance numbers from birth to carcass to reproductive traits. The first major cow family investment came with a partnership purchase of GAR Precision 939 in the 2001 Gardiner Sale. This Rita's impact can be followed to our donor pen today. Many of the donors we are flushing are her direct descendants.

In 2002, we ventured into the Blackcap family with the purchase of GAR New Design 1139 from Fairview Angus Ranch, MT. Her full brother GAR New Design 5050 proves the long term genetic merit from this cow family. Through major investments in balanced performance cow families we have made strides with our genetic program.

RB Ladies, Blackcaps, Ritas, Beebe Queens, Forever Ladies, and Primrose Ladies are our featured cow families. Our goal is to raise the best females in the breed. We want to continue to build on the generations of measured and proven performance.


Our success in the Angus business would not be possible without the support of our friends and family. We try to remain active and involved in a variety of industry activities. Through organizations such as the American Angus Association, Wisconsin Angus Association, Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association, and the Iowa County Cattlemen's, we try to stay involved with the latest industry issues.

Beyond being a member in good standing, Scott is serving on the Select Sires National Beef Committee. And Val is a WCA rep on the Wi Beef Council Board. We try to take time to talk about the great things happening in the beef industry to our friends, neighbors, and local school groups. In the end we need everyone talking about sustainable U.S. beef! It is Our Business. Our Livelihood.